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5 tips for managing your social media over the holiday season

At this time of year, social media is even more manic than usual. Many businesses take advantage of the festivities and compete fiercely for the attention of their audience.

With everyone trying to do the same thing, you don’t want to blend into the crowd. To make sure your voice is heard, it’s always best to really plan how you’re going to tackle your social media marketing over this season. We’ve pulled together five tips for marketers to make the most of the madness and reach the finish line this December and into the January sales period.


1. Push out holiday themed promotions

Launching two versions of a campaign will provide key insights into what type of content attracts more interaction and conversions from your customers. A lot of time, money and resources are used in understanding your target audiences, researching and creating content that will turn them into customers. However, this investment can seem wasteful if it does not generate the expected results. By experimenting with your content through A/B testing you will be able to tailor and improve your content for better engagement.

Everyone on social media loves a deal, at Christmas it is no different. People spend hours trying to find gifts for their friends and family, and businesses are usually scrambling to allocate leftover budget. With most people’s purse-strings looking looser than usual, this is the perfect time for marketing to push out holiday-themed promotions and increase those margins before 2020.

You can run competitions and giveaways, 12 days of different offers and prizes, create a gift package from your products or services, the list is endless!


2. Taking advantage of the tools you have

There are so many online tools available for digital marketers across most of the channels that we work on. Don’t stick to what you know, look around these platforms and see which social media tools you can take advantage of.


Retargeted ads

Analyse the stats you have to find your ‘warmer’ audience members – those are the people who have been visiting your website, engaging with your posts, watching your content. They are already interested, and therefore more likely to buy from you – take advantage of this. Retarget ads to these people and create offers just for them; you will be using your budget far more strategically and increase the likelihood of ROI.


Stories and livestreams

We all know about the increased popularity of stories across Facebook and Instagram. Use it! The content you choose can be fun and personalised to your audiences. Humanise your business through social media, people are more likely to remember your brand if there are faces and personalities behind it.

Use stories to bring attention to any deals or promotions that are on, and then save the stories as a highlight so they are right at the top of your page when people visit. Speaking of the top of your page – don’t forget to pin the posts you want people to see, a marketing tool people regularly forget the importance of.


Interactive tools

Utilise the many elements available on your social media platforms that were created for interaction with your audience. Polls, Q&A’s, quizzes and countdowns –from Instagram stories for example.

People also love to be recognised, so acknowledge that you hear them. Reply to comments, reward your top fans on Facebook, show your audience that you care and ultimately you will increase engagement.


3. Get decorating

You will be decorating your tree in the office and you should also be decorating your social media platforms… remember it is Christmas. Maintain a holiday theme across all of your content, and commit to it!
Decorate your profiles as well, add tiny Christmas hats or snowflakes to your profile or cover photos. Allow your audience to really feel the Christmas cheer when they visit your profile. Include your team in the fun as well – provide Christmas themed cover photos and banners for them to use. Not only will this boost morale towards the end of the year, but it will contribute to your overall online presence as a company.


4. Get personal

The holiday season is about joy and giving and receiving and Christmas pudding and presents….you get the gist! Share with your social media fans and followers the Christmas cheer from within your office. We want to see ugly Christmas jumpers, the worst Secret Santa presents, charitable giving and a lot of office food. Let your colleagues talk about their favourite Christmas experiences, and use this to create conversations between your company and your social media audience.

Encourage people to engage with you as a business as well as on a personal level with your colleagues. Give them a glimpse into your team during the most exciting part of the year. As we’ve said, don’t forget the importance of humanising your brand – use this season to create recognition and trust in your company.


5. Just keep posting

Despite the online chaos of the holiday the season, towards the end of December everything will begin to slow down for a bit. This is only natural, people are beginning to think about their break, take part in fun office antics and feel increasingly relaxed before the holiday. Their minds will bounce between work, shopping, going out for drinks with friends, Christmas parties and so on.

You may be tempted to fall into that trap, but instead take advantage of the fact that there will be a slow-down of social posts. Use marketing scheduling tools like HootsuiteLoomlyPlanable and Everypost for over the actual break and pre-plan your content – be the loudest voice.
Some may say that the number of posts over the holiday is more important than the content. We say bah humbug to that – quantity never tops quality. So keep posting, but don’t sacrifice the quality of your content to do so.

Don’t drop the ball, but make sure you’re having fun with it – then your audience will to!

Happy holidays and good luck!


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