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How to work from home whilst maintaining your work ethic and creativity

With the current circumstances finding a lot of us now working from home, it’s a difficult transition period for many who normally work in a busy office. Our team has been using a variety of different methods to keep up morale, as well as ways to make sure our marketing creativity is still flowing despite working from home in different locations.

We asked each of our employees what they have been doing to stay bright, bubbly and upbeat during these trying times.


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I have worked from home for many years now and even though it was only one or two days a week, I realised that I had to separate my personal and work spaces. Working in my bedroom or TV room started affecting me relaxing in those spaces, so I set up a space at my house that I only use for work. Now I can watch a movie or go to bed without thinking about work.

I also found that when I first started to work from home I didn’t really come out until the end of the day. I started getting aches and pains all over my body, now I ensure I take regular breaks and walks around the house and stretch regularly. I have even set aside 15 minutes every day to do a bit of meditation to clear my head, it really helps me complete my work day and spreads over into my personal time.

Finally I set a start and end time. It is easy to start work as soon as you jump out of bed or respond to emails while having dinner, but that does not mean it is a healthy habit. If your work and personal time merge into one it makes it more difficult for your mind to truly switch off and enjoy your personal time.


working from home tips


I think one of the key things for me when I work from home is daylight, it really helps to prevent tiredness, plus looking out the window every so often is a great way to avoid headaches. Obviously we’re not talking to people in person so making time for small screen breaks is really helpful when you’re working by yourself.

I also try to move where I work every so often. Sometimes I work at my desk in my room, and when I find that I’m feeling claustrophobic I’ll move to the kitchen table. Some people may not be able to do this because of family at home, but if you’re used to working in a loud environment then you know methods to drown people out, I know I do! I find that moving around just helps me feel like I haven’t been in the same room every day all week, it definitely increases my work ethic and makes me feel less lethargic.

Regular breaks are also so important when you work from home. Sometimes you can think that being away from your desk means that you’re slacking, but making time to go speak to your family, play with your dog or make a cup of tea for 5-10 minutes throughout the day recharges your batteries more than you realise.


working from home tips


I try to keep as much of my normal routine as possible when I work from home; waking up at the same time, keeping business hours and having routines such as breaks, lunch hours, ending the day at 5:30 as usual.

Getting outside is also really important. Not always for a walk but just stepping out into the garden or getting some fresh air through the house is a nice way of taking a moment for yourself and staying alert. A key thing for me is also remembering that social distancing doesn’t mean social detachment. Keeping in touch with colleagues and friends, having catch ups over tea and doing Zoom pub quizzes and weekly catch ups to replace usual chats and work socials.

I also try not to look at the news too much. Being constantly bombarded by negative news surrounding Covid, memes about Covid and most conversations about Covid is a bit much and really impacts my mood. I’ve been avoiding those topics during the day and maybe just watching the headlines every couple days to stay informed but not overwhelmed.

working from home tips


I find that it’s really important to sit somewhere that allows you to work from home as if you’re in the office – with a table and a chair that I can put my laptop and notebooks on. Wherever I am, I try to allow as much air as possible by opening the windows or doors, depending on how cold it is! This allows me to get into the right frame of mind so that I can focus properly on the work that I am doing.

To work from home can mean that the lines between when to work and rest get blurred, so I find having a set schedule really helps. This way, I can take regular breaks and properly switch off when I am done for the day. When I’m taking a break, it can be nice to do some exercise. Trying to keep active helps you to move around so you aren’t just sitting in one spot all day. It also helps to have a cup of tea handy throughout!




There we have it! Neoseven team tips to stay alert, creative, on top of things and most importantly to care for our mental wellbeing whilst we work from home. If you have any more tips on this topic, feel free to share them with us!

Stay safe everyone!

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