About Neoseven

Who is neoseven marketing?

‘neo’ originates from the Ancient Greek word for ‘new’, and that’s what neoseven marketing agency represents. Not Ancient Greece, but a youthful creative energy that breathes new life and eccentricity into all of our work. Born out of quirkiness and a love of strategy, our goal is to refresh and revive; providing an approachable, reassuring service to our clients.

Our mission

To be your extended team responsible for sustainable business growth and development through fresh creative, dynamic content and data driven marketing.

Our approach

Taking a data-driven, strategic and dynamic approach to marketing, our goal is to help businesses communicate their full potential to the consumer. Whether building your brand, creating ad-hoc content, managing your communications or carrying out end-to-end campaigns, neoseven provides the strategy and method to show your audience your unique contribution to the market.

Helping you stand out

We get how difficult it can be to differentiate yourself from the crowd, and with so many new tools, methods and approaches in marketing, creating a deliverable strategy can be overwhelming. Let us be your calm in the storm; focus on your objectives and let us support you by establishing your presence and driving your results forward.

Our team

We have a small core team and a large diverse network covering all disciplines! We collaborate to deliver creative and inspiring work.

Olando Salina_neoseven-marketing

Olando Salina MSc. MCIM

Managing Director

I grew up in Trinidad listening to the nail biting and colourful stories my grandparents told me and this has nurtured my passion for story telling. Over the last fifteen years I have worked with small UK businesses and larger international brands to shape their brand architecture and grow their communities. I have cycled, ran, climbed, swam and slept rough for the charities that are close to my heart raising plus £30k over 10 years. My personal and professional journey has led me to where I am today pursuing my passion for telling stories and delivering services I enjoy to my awesome clients.

7 Quick Questions:

Food Chicken Roti
Drink Yamazaki single malt whisky
Film Gladiator
Tv Big Bang Theory
Book Emperor Series – Conn Iggulden
Music Frank Ocean
Dream Holiday Bali
Specialist Subject The Animal Kingdom

Gemma Abrahams

Marketing Communications Manager

Hi! I’m neoseven’s marketing communications manager. I have a 1st in Political Science (surprisingly un-scientific) and I love painting oil portraits of people and pets. I decided to go into marketing because I have a background in both analytical thinking and the creative arts, and marketing is the perfect combination of the two. Having worked across multiple industries both in-house and agency-side, I have gathered the insight and skills to create innovative, strategic and effective communications for all of our clients.

7 Quick Questions:

Food anything East Asian
Drink Malbec
Film Back To The Future Part II
Tv BBC Merlin
Book Kane & Abel – Jeffrey Archer
Music Imagine Dragons
Dream Holiday Vietnam
Specialist Subject Harry Potter


Ruhi Rajani

Creative Content Writer

I am the self appointed singer-songwriter in the office, I love open mic nights to share my skills but since lockdown have been treating the guys via zoom.. Oh I also adore baking, trying out new recipes for various cakes, pastries, and bread which is one of the reasons why I love our flexible working model so I can work out of my local café.

The creativity that marketing and social media allows really drives me in my role as creative content writer. Graduating from University College London, where I studied law, I also help out paralegal tasks, research and performance analysis, finding areas that need a bit more attention to achieve the desired results.

7 Quick Questions

Food Pizza
Drink Coffee
Film Pulp Fiction
Tv Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Book Mrs Dalloway
Music Anything from the 80’s!
Holiday France
Specialist Subject Obscure song lyrics

Ellie Bartlett-neoseven-marketing

Ellie Bartlett

Marketing Assistant & Content Creator

Hi I’m Ellie, Neoseven’s Marketing Assistant & Content Creator. I’m a recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh where I studied Geography but my true passion has always been in art and nature. Any free time I get is spent at the beach or visiting art galleries, feeling most myself in the great outdoors: scuba diving, swimming, paddle-boarding or hiking up the nearest mountain with the dogs. I’ve got a keen eye for detail and extensive background in research, so I’m enjoying finally putting my creative side to use creating content and developing marketing strategies. I really enjoy working with such a diverse client base and being able to expand my knowledge of each.

7 Quick Questions

Food Italian
Drink Red Wine
Film Dirty Dancing
Tv Money Heist
Book Normal People – Sally Rooney
Music Fleetwood Mac or Lizzo there is no in-between
Holiday Bonaire, Caribbean
Specialist Subject Lionfish (rogue I know but I did a project on them in Year 12 and became a bit obsessed, I’m basically a world expert now – ask Gemma)