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Growing your brand community

In this competitive digital world, imagine having customers that choose to interact with your brand beyond the purchase of a product or service. They not only engage with your content, but connect with your brand on a human, personal level. Your customers exist for more than one buying-cycle, actively visiting your social media, website and […]

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Social Media Data Wars: Companies vs. Governments

With more and more users signing on each day, social media platforms are playing an important role in the new battle concerning the control of data. They are able to hold data on their users that not only affects privacy laws, but could fundamentally affect democracy and the way it operates. This has given them […]

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How to align your content with your marketing strategy (infographic)

A substantial number of marketing professionals and small businesses make some incredible content; it’s visually appealing, engaging to read and overall hits the mark. The common problem is that quite a few people are pushing out this content without much rhyme or reason. The content can be great, but if you don’t have a strategy […]

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A/B testing: the benefits to your business

  Your business is about creating value for your customers, turning them into advocates for repeat business. The greater the value, the better the chances your business will be successful. Data consumption has evolved, and we don’t always put out the type of content that will attract and motivate consumers to purchase. Measuring the ROI […]

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5 tips for managing your social media over the holiday season

At this time of year, social media is even more manic than usual. Many businesses take advantage of the festivities and compete fiercely for the attention of their audience. With everyone trying to do the same thing, you don’t want to blend into the crowd. To make sure your voice is heard, it’s always best […]

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