COVID-19 Survival Kit

Website Resources

Your website can determine whether a visitor becomes a customer. 

Visitors to your website will often make a split-second decision based on how easy it is to use, how quickly it loads, and how aesthetic it looks. 

Your website should represent your brand and make it easier for visitors to understand your company and what you do.

We want to help you with your website, and that’s why we’ve created a guide to help you improve your website. The templates and guides within this kit will provide you with useful tools to:

  • Improve your user jorney
  • Ensure your website is aligned with your branding
  • Convert website visitors to customers
  • Speed up your site
  • Rank higher on search platforms 
  • Make your site easy to find

Here’s a handy guide to making your website top-notch! You’ll get:

  • SEO Tactics

  • Tips for Speeding Up Your Website

  • Tips for Improving your User Experience

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