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Picture this: You are running a local business and trade is good and popularity is growing. You want to open up a web-shop and another branch but your brand is not as strong as your products and service. To achieve similar success via the new channels you need your branding to level up. It is getting harder for businesses to stand out and in this digital age your brand is visible 24/7, so making an impact is essential.

Design encompasses much more than creating a logo, some stationery and website layout. Comprehensive design considers the identity of the brand and the desired behaviour of the users that will be interacting with the content. Your business strategy will set the foundation and create the roadmap, but incorporating design content that aligns with the overall business will help you ensure it drives success.

This is our approach:

  • Discovery

    We love getting our creative juices flowing, but before we get designing we go through a discovery phase. Getting to know your brand, identifying the problems you are trying to solve, the brand identity, tone of voice and how best to connect the two. It is a journey that reveals your key audiences their needs, wants and media preferences, how your competitors present themselves and find the gap that you fill.

  • Creative Development

    At this stage the creative brief may have been modified based on what we discovered. Regardless of what the design is being created for we always take three different creative routes to provide you with options. Sometimes we may be requested to make some tweaks, others we have a clear winning design. When you have selected the route you want to develop on, we move on to the next stage.

  • Design & Implementation

    Now that we have sign off we can create the final artwork in the required formats for print or digital presentation. We then package up and supply you with all designed assets so you or your team can implement or the neoseven marketing team implements depending on our contract.

  • Brand Guidelines

    We always recommend to clients who don’t have one, that we create a Brand Guidelines Kits. This is to help define a set of rules for a unified brand identity and connecting the different elements within your brand. It includes, company logo, define the colour palette, typography, image bank, brand communications templates and stationery suite.

Great design is not a matter of opinion, it takes skills and experience.

  • Logo & Brand Identity

  • Website Design

  • Stationery Suite