Visual Content Creation

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Picture this: Pardon the pun, but with the advancement of mobile phone cameras and growth of creative apps, more people are trusting themselves to be creative director, videographer, editor and curator. This adds an element of authenticity but can you honestly say you have the time, resources, knowhow and budget to do it effectively to keep up consumer consumption?

A crucial ingredient to any successful marketing activity for your business is quality visual content creation. According to a report by Venngage 66% of businesses struggle with consistant visual content creation. Whether it is product images, corporate video, infographics, website banners or display ads, great visual content need to be fit for purpose, and for the hosting platforms. While keeping top of mind will it effectively stimulate engagement, build trust and brand loyalty.

This is our approach:

  • Planning

    Creating engaging visuals is only as good as the plan that supports them. We focus on best practice with the end goal in mind, the supporting narrative, timing and all other strategic elements required.

  • Brand Style Guide

    Your brand identity and visual language may already be established, we use this to ensure all content created fits the brand criteria. If one does not exist, we will work with you to develop one that will identify the type of visuals your audience would like to see.

  • Themes

    One style may not work for all platforms, for example you will need more B2B themed content for Linkedin and B2C for Instagram and TicTok and a combination for Twitter. So developing themes or visual conversation pillars is key for message delivery and this is requires careful consideration.

  • Platforms

    Every social network, website provider and ad platform has specific requirements for adding content. For each piece of content we create we consider where they will be used and ensure they meet the criteria. So whether we are posting content for you or crafted for self-sufficiency, rest assured everything will be done to spec.

  • Representation

    We are always mindful of representation, so that your visual content reflects the diversity of your audience. Consumers in society today frown on brands who don’t promote body positivity or appear to be supporting gender or racial stereotypes. Part of our job is to ensure your entire target audience feels a sense of inclusion.

We create visual content that will take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

  • Video

  • Images

  • Infographics

  • Memes

  • Gifs

  • Presentations