Written Content Marketing Strategy

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Picture this: you have a brilliant level of industry knowledge in your sector. You want to position your company as a go-to for information, but you don’t have the time sit down and write. You’re not certain how to optimise your copy to each type of content platform and its specific audience; whether that be personalising email campaigns, organising your blogs, optimising SEO on webpages, targeting your adverts or more.

Does this sound familiar? Or maybe you’re just starting out? Don’t worry, let us help tell your story. Without paying copywriters per wordcount, our team of expert marketing specialists can create written content designed to engage your target audiences, establish your brand, increase your website traffic and SEO, and improve the standard of your copy.

We can do this through:

  • Strategy

    We use your overall business goals to establish who you are targeting, why you posting and what you wish to gain. This then allows us to determine which kind of content you require, how to write it and where on which platforms we should create it for.

  • Industry research and training

    We stay up to date with the latest online research and training that allows us to optimise the skill-set and knowledge of our team. This in turn ensures the continuous application of industry information, data and tools designed to maximise results from written content.

  • Competitor analysis

    Our constant competitor analysis keeps our ear to the ground in order to differentiate your content and the value it provides from the crowds. Your audiences are then compelled to choose you over your competitors and in turn generate brand loyalty and retention.

  • Telling your story

    We apply all of the above to create and maintain a high standard of written content to tell your story. Not only do we adjust each piece across individual platforms to optimise results, but we target your ideal customers and clients, ensuring that all content is specifically written to generate results and reach your KPIs.

  • Statistical reporting

    With our statistical analysis you remain constantly informed to the performance of your written content. Depending on the platform and the access granted, we can monitor which pieces are effective, which need improvements and how to go forward in the future to boost success even further.

The types of content we can provide for you include but are not limited to:

  • Email marketing

  • Blogs

  • News articles

  • Newsletters