Influencer Management Services

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Picture this: you want to find a way to reach new audiences. You might have considered using an influencer, but may not be certain which type of influencer is right for your business. You could already have an existing partnership, but sometimes it’s can be challenging to manage to your benefit. After all, influencer management is the hardest part of influencer marketing.

If any of the above sounds familiar or you don’t know where to start, let us help tell your story to new audiences, measure ROI and generate higher levels of traffic and revenue with influencer marketing.

This is our approach:

  • Strategy

    We develop a strategy that’s created with your KPIs and business goals in mind. The type of influencer, which ways to work with them and what will be expected of them will all be devised from your clear objectives and brand values.

  • Industry research and training

    We stay up to date with the latest online research, tools, data and training when it comes to influencer marketing and management. We then take this information and apply it in real-time to source the perfect influencer, build your relationship and optimise the partnership to benefit your brand.

  • Sourcing

    Using both of the above to narrow down your criteria, we commence in-depth research to source and assess influencers that would be the right fit for your brand and objectives. Our team of skilled marketers vet their authenticity with thorough analysis before we submit a report for your approval.

  • Negotiation

    We reach out to the influencers once approved, using a bespoke approach designed to establish a lasting relationship between the influencer and your brand. We then negotiate the terms and conditions of the partnership, the costs and a contractual agreement. Keeping you informed at every stage, we draw up the paperwork when both parties are happy that the agreement is mutually beneficial on all sides.

  • Managing content

    With constant communication with you and the influencer, we oversee and review their work, setting deadlines and clear expectations. Overall, we ensure that all work is carried out and delivered to a continuously high standard in line with the strategy and guidelines.

  • Statistics and reporting

    With our statistical analysis you remain constantly informed to the performance of your social media as a result of the influencer’s work. We monitor what is effective, what may require improvements and report back to you how to increase your success even further. Depending on your objectives, metrics used to deduce success usually include click-through rate, engagement, ROI, traffic, conversions, reach and more.