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Picture this: let’s say you have social media channels already, but you’re not sure what type of messaging to post. You’re coming up with content, but it may not align directly with your goals. Sometimes the levels of engagement you’re seeing might be a bit disappointing, and it can be difficult to see much return from the time you’re investing.

Don’t worry! If any of these apply to you or if you’re just starting out, we can help. Your social media can be a brilliant tool to increase brand awareness, generate sales, create a genuine relationship with your audience, track ROI and achieve high levels of engagement.

We can help you do this through:

Social media management Agency
  • Insights, research & audit

    To remain relevant and competitive in the current market, it’s very important to know your audience but also your competition. This is why we always start by conducting an in-depth competitor review to understand who your direct competitors are, how they present and position themselves and what is working for them.

    With over 3 billion users globally and so many different social media channels, it’s important to ensure that you are using the ones best suited for your business and target audience. We will review your current social activity and positioning to determine the best ways to grow your audience and increase your reach. Taking a deep dive into your social media performance, we will identify opportunities for improvement and ensure your social media marketing plan delivers a clearly quantifiable return on investment.

  • Tone of voice

    Your tone of voice is defines your brands personality and helps to make a more human connection when interacting with customers via digital and print channels. Establishing a specific tone of voice for your brand, one that is recognisable to you and is consistent across all of your platforms is very important and is a step that is sometimes taken for granted.

  • Strategy

    With intimate knowledge of your brand, industry, audience and competitors as well as a keen understanding of what type of content will resonate, we are ready to develop your social media strategy . We will work with you to develop a robust social media strategy that’s created specifically with your KPIs in mind.

    Working through this model will allow neoseven marketing to deliver more than just increasing followers, driving website traffic, it will also work toward increasing brand awareness, generating leads and establishing or re-affirming your brands position in the market.

  • Relationship management

    We create content that asks questions, create intrigue and generates thoughts and responses in return. By monitoring your social media and communicating back to your followers when they do engage, we develop and nourish a relationship with your audience that will only grow with time.

  • Statistical reporting

    Statistical reporting is key within our social media management services. With our statistical analysis of your social channels and posts, you remain constantly informed to the performance of your social media. We monitor what content is doing well, which is the least successful and where your engagement is coming from. This allows us remain data-driven when making improvements across the board.