Paid Social Media Advertising Strategy

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Picture this: you’re spending time creating posts but you might only see little engagement and feedback, especially since algorithms are designed to prevent your organic posts even reaching most of your followers. There may be only a few leads coming from your social channels, and the ones that are might only generate low revenue and website conversions.

As a result, you might not be seeing a large return on your investment of time or money on social media. We can build you a paid social media advertising strategy to change this.

Does this sound familiar? Or maybe you’re just starting out? We can help! Let us tell your story through building a paid social media advertising strategy. Without paying ridiculous sums to reach any audience, we can target your posts to those who actually want to buy your product or service, increasing your reach to thousands of new customers and converting leads.

We can do this through:

paid social media advertising strategy
  • Strategy

    We develop a paid social media advertising strategy that’s created with your KPIs and business goals in mind. Ads will be designed specifically to prompt the action you want the viewer to carry out. Whether to click through to your website, fill out a lead generation form, message your social media page or more.

  • Targeting

    Don’t waste money ‘boosting’ posts to random people in your area. We use online tools to target and retarget your ads across each social channel to reach new audiences of customers who are actually interested in the services and products, increasing the conversion rate.

  • Industry research and training

    We stay up to date with the latest online research and training when it comes to targeting tools, advertising strategies and demographic data. These all help to create the perfect ad designed to generate leads and bring in new customers.

  • Competitor analysis

    Our constant competitor analysis allows us to keep our ear to the ground and differentiate your strategy from the crowds. We then create content that creates intrigue, compelling viewers to click on your ads instead of those of your competitors.

  • Statistical reporting

    With our statistical analysis you remain constantly informed to the performance of your social media ads. We monitor which ads are doing well, which require improvements and where your conversions are coming from.