Marketing Strategy Consultancy


Picture this: You have just started your business and you have great product range, a handsome website, great prices and all the elements you believe you need for success. Your objectives are to raise awareness, acquire customers, make money and grow your business. But you are not sure which one of the above to prioritise because they are all important, or you may not have the time to do it on your own. Our marketing strategy consultancy work can help drive your business forward and achieve your marketing targets.

In the early stages of your business your goals may vary depending on what you define as success. Sometimes even mature businesses may need to realign those goals based on consumer needs, changes in the market etc. Your marketing strategy is key to addressing these issues and this is how we would help you tackle it:

  • Align Goals

    Your marketing strategy will be driven by your overall business goals. We will work through these with you to identify and prioritise what is needed to achieve success and outline what success looks like. For example, if brand awareness was key, your marketing strategy may revolve around – defining your USP’s and coming up with tactics to get people to recognise your logo, brand name and products.

  • Define your audience

    No matter what business you are in, it is crucial that you are connecting with the right people and the messages are resonating with them. As we develop your marketing strategy, we will take time to think about what your ideal customer looks like versus who you think they are and want them to be.

  • Where do you fit in the market

    You will always face an element of competition and you need to find what sets your product or service apart from the crowd. The team at Neoseven will research if you are positioned correctly to reach your target audience. We will also compile a competitive set analysis so you understand what you are up against. This will make planning so much easier and more effective.

  • Budgets

    No matter how much you set as your marketing spend, it’s important to spend wisely. Using the data accumulated from all the above, combined with your business strategy you can focus your ££ on the channels that will achieve your goals. It is vital to know what your marketing budget is before moving to the next step.

  • Essential marketing components

    The exciting part is developing and creating the marketing and advertising tactics that will be used to achieve the goals. Ranging from your website, social media presence and branded content to your point of sale, product catalogues and packaging.

  • Measuring success

    Budgets are not unlimited and we want to ensure that the marketing spend is generating the results you want. Setting Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) like: social post impressions, website traffic, average transaction value or daily/monthly sales is important. Measure, iterate, repeat. Our marketing strategy consultancy is based around driving and measuring success.