Cignella Villas, Tuscany

neoseven case study


Increase in website traffic


Increase in direct sales

11 countries

Increased reach


Doubled revenue from two year prior

  • Challenge/brief

    To digitally launch an unknown and indistinguishable brand into the public eye of the international travel and tourism sector through marketing and digital strategy, blogs and newsletters, webpage copy and SEO, website management and design, social media management and advertising, email marketing and customer service.

    Measurable objectives: drive 50% more traffic to their website from social media channels, generate 40% more direct bookings, 70% more social engagements and overall increase revenue by 50% on previous year.

  • Strategy

    Outlining their KPIs and measurable objectives

    We started with the basics and aligned their overall strategy with their business goals, identifying the route to success and outlining their KPIs and measurable objectives. Once defining their audience in order to target their ideal customer, we researched the industry to correctly position Cignella in the market compared their competition. From here we were able to establish the essential marketing tactics they required to reach their objectives.

    Content design

    Our team redesigned Cignella’s website using new photography of the resort, adding enticing travel blogs and webpage content designed to boost SEO. We then registered the resort with the likes of Booking.com Air BnB, Secret Escapes and more to create buzz around the hotel online.

    Implement social media strategy

    Cignella’s social channels were then relaunched, creating consistency with profile pictures, Instagram highlights, cover photos and bios. Following a social media strategy created in line with their objectives, we produced a steady stream of high-value social media content, aimed to encourage interaction, engagement and most importantly: traffic to the website.

    Launch social media campaigns

    We then launched social media advertising campaigns marketing promotional content such as offers, packages and competitions. Cignella’s ideal customer base were targeted specifically to maximise conversions, retargeting those who had already displayed interest to drive sales even further.

    In line with this advertising strategy we created regular email campaigns encouraging old and new customers alike to book the same promotional content in addition to travel newsletters and blogs. This was done in parallel to website updates, creating landing pages, discount countdowns and packages designed to maximise conversions and direct bookings.

  • Results

    Since we have managed their communications, Cignella’s social media engagement has improved by 82%, followers by 67% and leads by 54%. They are recognised in the international community as one of the most well-known luxury villa resorts in the area and have been featured in multiple travel blogs and publications.

    Email campaigns receive open rates of up to 68% and click through rates of 34%, increasing website traffic by 92% and conversions by 78%.

    As a result, direct sales overall have risen by 73% and channel partner bookings by 50%, increasing their reach to over 11 countries and doubling Cignella’s revenue from two years prior.

Neoseven have been doing our marketing since 2017 and they have been simply fantastic! They have offered a full management service assisting us with our marketing and communications strategy, social media management and helping us achieve our targets ever since.

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