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neoseven case study

  • Challenge/brief

    Our brief was to refresh and reposition the client’s brand to reflect its innovative and modern nature. This was clear through the company’s culture, but this perception was not aligned with the branding. This involved changing the look of the brand to be more in line with the competition but that stood out as being innovative and different. Additionally, the client wanted to be able to communicate clearly with their audience about who they were and what they do.

  • Strategy

    Defining the company identity

    We started by looking at the company culture in order to gain a clear idea of what the company’s values, mission, and identity were. The client was operating in India and the UK and so we had to identify where the cultural differences lay, and what made the company culture unified across both offices. We carried out staff workshops to see what they thought about the brand, and how they felt about any changes. This is important as the brand would have to be represented by the staff, and so gaining their input was extremely helpful. The company wanted to be recognised as being different to its competitors, building connections with its target audience.

    Finding the right tone of voice

    We then assessed what we wanted the company’s tone of voice to be in order to create a distinct personality and encourage interaction. Our team designed a tone that was confident, professional and supportive to reflect the way that the client wanted to be perceived. This helped us to come up with the tagline of the brand, creating something that represented the brand’s personality.

    Creating the Branding

    Once we had established the company identity and tone of voice, we were able to come up with a logo that looked modern, professional and innovative. We matched this with our brand colours, which we chose to symbolise qualities such as energy, strength and trust. This was in line with the brand’s key message of focusing on client-wellbeing, positivity and passion. We also chose the font to align with the brand’s corporate image that looked modern and looked distinctive.

    Website Building

    Using the new logo, font, colours, and brand identity, we built a website that adhered to the new imagery that we wanted to associate with the brand. We updated the information on the website, optimising the content to boost their SEO. This was through improving the images on the website, enhancing the speed of the site, and making sure the visuals of the website were fully in line with the branding we had created.

  • Results

    We improved the look and feel of the brand, modernising it entirely to be in line with its competitors. The website was redesigned to take into account these new brand guidelines, improving the user experience.

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