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Increase in social media engagement


Increase in traffic


Increase in average transaction value

  • Challenge/brief

    Thomas Royall were a young British brand with fantastic products, a large following but low engagement and little website traffic from social media. We were hired to optimise their content and social branding, how it all linked to their website and come up with a strategy that would achieve the following:

    Measurable objectives: drive social engagement by 50%, increase click throughs and traffic to the website by 70%, and increase their average transaction value by 40%

  • Strategy

    Working with them to establish their marketing KPIs from their overall business goals, we developed a strategy designed to reach their measurable objectives and differentiate them from their competitors. Through the results of industry research and competitor analysis, we identified their ideal buyer and developed key pillars aimed to target all content towards them reach their KPIs.

    We then devised a clear route to their measurable objectives, starting with optimising their social media channels and ensuring that their digital branding was consistent across all platforms. A social media plan was developed in accordance with their marketing strategy, pushing content aimed to drive engagement through interactive posts and stories.

    Aiming to provide a fresh look to their brand, we organised both product and model photoshoots to enhance the quality of their visual content. We guided the mood of the shoots to ensure the photographs remained within the key pillars of the strategy, providing the brand with an abundance of new visual content that could be used to target their ideal customer online.

    In addition to pushing organic content, our team ran social media advertising campaigns to post promotional ads in the form of competitions, sales and offers. These were created with the clear goal of driving click throughs and website traffic, promoting sales materials to increase transactions and raise their average transaction value.

    Their website was also optimised in similar fashion to their social accounts, ensuring a clear visual link between the two and updating it during campaigns and sales. We worked on boosting their SEO through optimised images and blogs, as well as improving website speed. This was all carried out to ensure an excellent user-journey, from their very first unique site-visit through to checkout.

  • Results

    Measurable objectives: drive more social engagement, increase click throughs and traffic to the website, and increase their average transaction value.

    Since carrying out the above, Thomas Royall has transformed their digital presence from one of mainly aesthetics to a modern brand utilising social media, visual content and online sales to boost their business development.

    They have seen an average increase of 95% in their social media engagement, traffic by 70% and have increased their average transaction value by 40%.

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